David J. Warman

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Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
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I have been awarded three software patents based on my system architectures. Over the past 20 years I have continuously led technical teams for various hardware and software product lines; many of the products were award-winning and continue to generate revenues for investors. I have built and led technical teams of three to twelve engineers, inspiring team members to innovate, collaborate, and build products for market.

My accumulated senior level engineering expertise involves designing hardware and software at all logical levels, transistors to complete processors, machine code to Smalltalk, and embedded RTOS kernels to graphical applications, primarily in the domain of Data Communications.

Businesses best served by my skill set require an experienced technical team leader with extensive scientific and leadership background, to direct and inspire engineering workgroups to innovate and develop new technologies for market.


Computer skills




á Assemblers, Forth, C, Perl, VNOS, Tcl, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, XMLS, UML, PALASM, ABEL, VHDL, Verilog, Smalltalk, C++, C#, Microsoft Visual Basic¨, Java, Pascal, Delphi, Lisp, Algol, Prolog, Fortran

á Designed and implemented custom language interpreters



á Microsoft Visual Studio, XCode, Code Warrior, ArgoUML, Orcad, Modelsim, Xilinx Foundation, Synopsis, Leonardo, VNOS, Forth, flex, bison, gdb, grep, cvs, svn, gcc and other *nix tools



á Database: MySQL, custom in-memory

á Platforms: DOS, Microsoft Windows¨ 3.10 through XP, Apple OS 7-9, Apple OS X, Linux, Primos, Nucleus, Solaris

á Embedded: mostly custom RTOS designs for the smaller micros (below) apart from Nucleus on the i960.



á Commercial: PDP 8/e, DG Nova 1200, 8004, 8008, 8080, 8086, 80186, 80188, i960, i8x86, 8051, 8048, Z80, Z180, Z8000, Pic, 68HC11, m68K, Arm Thumb 7

á Custom: three LSI 8-bit microprocessors, several autonomous isochronous data channel controllers



á Standards: XModem, UDP, TCP/IP, SDLC, HDLC, SNA, ISDN, T1, X.25, SNMP, PPP, Ftp, HTTP, SLIP, IEEE 1394, OSI stack, MIDI

á Custom: several reliable delivery statmux link protocols, MediaLink (Fiber and RS232, synchronous and asynchronous versions)


Awards and Publications




á US Patent No. 5,245,604 "A Communicating System"  (MediaLink Protocol) (modified 5,751,713)

á US Patent No.  5,657,221 "Method and Apparatus for controlling non-computer system devices by manipulating a graphical representation" (VNOS)

á US Patent 5,544,150 "Method and apparatus for determining and indicating network integrity"


Awards for Products Based on the VNOS Core Technology that I designed

á 2005, Singlestep gets Silver award in SearchNetworking.com's 2004 Products of the Year

á 2005, Singlestep wins CRM Best in Show at IBM Partnerworld

á 2005, Singlestep wins IBM Autonomic Computing Partner of the Year

á 1991, Lone Wolf Nominated for the AES Tech Award for the MidiTap; I wrote its firmware.



á Article "The Layers of the Onion", Sound and Video Contractor, March 10 1992

á Article "Learning in an Introductory Expert Systems Course", IEEE Expert4(1): 45-49 (1989), with Kenneth L. Modesitt



á Representative for Lone Wolf to the Midi Manufacturer's Association.

á Participated on the Show Control Midi extension definition.  

á Representative for Lone Wolf on the AES SC-10 Standards Committee.




Co-founder and Chief Scientist



Singlestep Technologies Corp , Seattle WA


á Primary responsibilities include creation, architecture, design and development of corporate core technology, the VNOS platform. VNOS is a graphical data-flow based rapid prototyping and deployment environment and engine. It runs on Windows 2000+ and Mac OS X with visual interface, and on Linux as a server daemon.

á Added features to VNOS, including lazy graphical updating, in-memory Perl scripting, and VNOS expression macros.

á Technical lead and prime mentor of the Engineering Department.

á General technology resource to other groups.

Independent Consultant



Warman Consulting, Seattle WA


Client work included:
á Legacy IBM SNA printer stream to Xerox printers, using embedded 80188 hardware for protocol conversion and printer driver/translator running under Linux.

á Architected and designed Data Transfer Bus, Audio isochronous channel engine, Sample de-jitter digital PLL, and ARM interfaces between ARM in an ASIC and the media engines in a Xilinx Vertex FPGA.

á Acted as technical due-diligence investigator for several companies.

á Continued development of VNOS: implemented Forth (initially for debug), data flow connections, virtual widgets, widget building wizard, property editor, and the basic set of virtual.


Co-founder and Chief Scientist



Lone Wolf Technologies, Redondo Beach, CA and Seattle, WA


á Co-invented the MediaLink Protocol

á Designed and implemented the RTOS and channeling firmware for the Motorola-based 68HC11 MidiTap MIDI network product.

á Architected, designed, and implemented Visual Studio, a management tool for the MidiTap network.

á Architected and implemented the lower speed ML125K asynchronous version of the MediaLink protocol engine, which retargeted the technology as an OEM device management for networking Professional Audio equipment

á Re-targeted the Visual Studio code to support the ML125K networking. This software was the first called VNOS (Visual Network Operating System

á Was an active participant in the Midi ManufacturersÕ Association (MMA). Contributed materially to the Show Control Protocol.

á Was an active participant in the AES Working Group 10, later the SC-10 Standards Committee.

á Company renamed to MediaLink Technologies Corp. in 1994.

á Designed and implemented a MediaLink FPGA (Xilinx 4025) that conveyed CD quality audio streams autonomously and isochronously, using the 68HC11 as a stream manager.

á Designed a DMA MediaLink controller in Xilinx 4025 this time driven in-band by an i960 processor. Handled multiple voice quality channels.


Senior Scientist




Micom Comunications, Simi Valley CA


á Designed a replacement for the DG 1200 computer, using the (then new) AMD 2900 ALU bit slice chip.

á Responsible for most of the Micom serial data communications , and for design and implementation of the various link protocols. The protocol requirements of guaranteed delivery without lost data in the face of noise environments with up to 1 in 10^3 BER were met.

á Performed architectural and design oversight of the design teams.

á Performed technical due diligence functions when Micom entered an acquisitional expansion phase.

á Complete list of products in which I was involved:

o  Micro 100 transaction line concentrator

o  Micro 300 custom network logging concentrator

o  Micro 500 family modem error correction and data compression units

o  Micro 600 Data PBX (some boards)

o  Micro 800 statistical multiplexer

o  Micro 800/II stat mux (team of 7) (over 250,000 sold at $1500 per by 1990)

o  Micro 8000 stat mux family (team of 14)

o  Micro 900 multi-drop stat mux family (team of 3)

o  Marathon stat mux family (team of 25) (over 200,000 sold by 2000)

o  PPP access for SNMP management and Ethernet Bridge for NetRunner Sunrise

o  Z8000 based mesh networking node (team of 11)

o  Micom network management system (team of 6)

o  Paradyne N-Plexor; trunk is up to 5 load balanced 9600 Bd synchronous links for redundancy.






California State University



Northridge, CA

á M.Sc., Computer Science, incomplete

á Obtained 24 of 30 course units with a GPA of 4.0.
A qualified thesis chairperson was not available for cross-specialty topics on graphical control of Audio DSP algorithms. To fully dedicate my research to Audio Science, I left the University program and founded Lone Wolf, Inc., developing algorithms with registered patents and audio products that generated revenue streams.



Birkbeck College, University of London


London, UK

á B.Sc., Mathematical Sciences with Physics