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Studio Equipment For Sale

As of 6/27/2006 these have not yet been posted on e-bay or craigslist. Prices are suggested by Google research on comparables. Excellent condition, never on the road, most still have manuals and gold star extras. All sales are as-is, and shipping+insuance is extra. There are other music studio items not listed here for sale; email for information: studio@NOSPAM.davidwarman.net.

Also Available: Lone Wolf MidiTap network Separate Listing
Fender American Strat Plus, 1990, immaculate, with Fender case (case slightly dinged)
Withdrawn from Sale
Fender Mexican Jazz Bass, circa 1993, immaculate, with Fender case
Withdrawn from Sale
Carvin MX1688 Studio Mixer, some meters need replacing, good Carvin quality sound   $300.00
Carvin SM 162 StudioMate 8 channel mixer   $100.00
Roland M24E 24 channel mixer
Withdrawn from Sale
Roland M160 16 channel rack-mount line mixer, good condition   $150.00
EV S12-2 100W/8ohm Stage Speakers (apparently indestructible!)   $200.00
EV Model 644 Cardiod Microphone   $45.00
EV 1710 condenser microphone   $85.00
Tascam 388 Multi-track tape, with Midi clock striper and remote control   $700.00
Simmons 4 pads + Kick + 2 stands + DW5000 (single chain) kick pedal trigger
Korg Monopoly Synthesizer, some key contacts need cleaning, but selling with Roland MPU-101 Midi-CV converter   $550.00
Yamaha DX 7 with GreyMatter E! expansion and several ROM cartridges, battery recently replaced, full shop manual including schematics   $450.00
Proteus/1 Pop / Rock synth module   $250.00
Korg M1R synth module   $350.00
Korg P3 Piano Module   $175.00
Alesis HR 16 Drum Synth   $175.00
Rane HC 6 headphone Distribution Amp   $240.00
Digitech TSR 24 effects unit   $240.00
Roland DEP-5 Effects Unit (with Nmidi Thru mod)   $190.00
Alesis Midiverb II effects unit   $165.00
Rane MPE 14 Stereo EQ with Midi control   $300.00
Aphex Aural Exciter type E   $150.00
Aphex Aural Exciter type E   $150.00
Niche ACM Midi controlled 8 channel audio fader   $250.00
Ibanez GE1502 stereo EQ   $150.00
Alesis Micro Limiter   $125.00
Alesis Micro Gate   $125.00
Yamaha QX 5 Sequencer   $140.00
Yamaha QX 5 Sequencer   $140.00
Yamaha QX 5 Sequencer   $140.00
Akai ME 30P Midi Patchbay   $125.00
Ultimate Support 2-tier Apex keyboard stand   $150.00
X stand (single keyboard)   $125.00
X stand (single keyboard)   $125.00
Unison Adjustable large gear support   $175.00
Unison Adjustable large gear support   $175.00
5 Mike stands, booms, "Popper Stopper"   $125.00
24U Steel Rack, angled lower 12 units   $125.00
22U Steel Rack, deep, with side doors   $300.00
Grundorf 4U rack   $125.00
Grundorf 4U rack   $125.00
I'll be hanging on to one of these next three racks, not sure which just yet.
Enclosed ABS 12U rack   $140.00
Custom 10U rack   $125.00
Custom 12U rack   $125.00
Mac II-Fx with 250Mb HD, 20Mb RAM, OS 7.5, Digidesign Sound Tools, A/D Interface, Digital Interface, SuperMac Video Spigot capture hardware, 2 Gb external SCSI, and Apple 16" Color monitor and carry case (includes spare IIfx chassis). A Collectors' Item, still fully functional   $1000.00
Mac Beige G3 (Rev B ROM) with 5Gb internal, 1 + 1 Gb external SCSI and Radius Two-page/20GS Monitor   $200.00
All necesseary cable types to hook these units together, audio and Midi, in-studio lengths   Included

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