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Lone Wolf MidiTap Network For Sale

As of 6/27/2006 this network has not yet been posted on e-bay or craigslist.


All the Midi gear in the Studio List can be interconnected using this Lone Wolf MidiTap network, making the system a breeze to manage. Unlike other midi setups using Midi switch boxes, where every little change in expression requested by an artist ends up requiring hours of physical studio reconfiguration, the MidiTap accomplishes arbitrary connectivity changes in moments.

This network implements a totally soft topology that can connect any channel/port to any combination of channels/ports in the system, with channel level mapping and input and output filters and transposition. The MidiTap network for sale here has 20 Midi ports distributed over 5 Taps interconnected using tiny fiber-optic cable. Each Tap also has an RS 232 host computer port, and there is OS 9 / Windows compatible software that can configure the MidTaps. The Miditaps can also use the MotU F5 cable protocol.

This equipment rarely appears on the market as a complete system and is in excellent working condition, ready to plug and play. This system was used as one of the Lone Wolf demo units and has all the top-of-the-line bells and whistles in perfect condition.

This premium system is a complete offering only.
Available to Best Price, starting at $7599.


Summary: Lone Wolf MidiTap Network Complete

  • All Midi gear Listed can be simultaneously interconnected and controlled
  • Complete System: 5 MidiTaps with 20 Midi ports, fiber-hub, fiber-optic cable
  • Fully soft topology, down to the channel/port level: a breeze to manage
  • Independent Midi Message filters and transpose on evry channel, input and output
  • 32 LanScape memory, instantly selectable by Patch Change message, saves all parameters.
  • RS 232 computer control port on each tap
  • OS 9 / Windows compatible configuration software
  • F5 xx port switching cable protocol compatible
  • Spares and Repair services available separately


Lone Wolf MidiTap Network Complete $7599.00
QSC EX650 Amp
QSC EX1250 Amp
Rane NEQ 288 EQ
Rane NEQ 288 EQ
Hubs (plastic)
Hubs (glass)
mac and PC serial cables for Miditaps
Plastic Fiber
Glass Fiber
Virtual Studio (OS 9 and Windows) for Miditaps
VNOS 1.5 or 1.6 (OS 9 and Windows) for the Bridges+Rane+QSC devices

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