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Fender American Strat Plus, 1990, immaculate, with Fender case, and all the fiddly little bits that Fender sold with it. $900.

This has to be the highest tech Fender ever put out. It has the Lace pick-ups, 5 position selector, needle-roller nut, locking pegs (only 1/2 turn from stringing to in tune!), and fully individually adjustable string mounts on the bridge. The kit includes the adjustment key.

I bought this guitar new in 1990 from West LA Music, butI have discovered I am a keys and classical guitar guy, so this guitar has only really been played by my buddy Mark, and that only a couple of times (he has his own '57 candy strat).

This guitar can be heard in the Music Jam "Dave's Not Here", right at the beginning, played through the Zoom 9002.

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