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David J. Warman

Mr Warman is a senior hardware and software architect providing a comprehensive set of systems development, management, and team leadership services. His proven track record includes planning, designing, and developing complex systems, and providing top-ranked team management in advanced technologies ranging from Verilog ASIC and FPGA RTL design to board logic with accompanying software design from firmware/RTOS to high level PC applications. He has been awarded three patents for innovations in embedded technologies, network protocols, and information architecture.

With extensive expertise in Data Communications, Protocol Design, Embedded Systems, and Complex Data Modeling, he is also noted for his team leadership skills and his willingness to go the extra mile to insure that his team members are fully prepared, motivated, and on-target.

He has led over 12 distinct engineering small groups and guided the creation of over 15 new embedded system products that were released to market, securing gross revenues of over $200 million for his clients and their investors. All of these products continue to accumulate revenues to this day. As a self-starter, he both independently designs and produces complete systems and is also recognized for inspiring and guiding small groups of between 4 and 12 engineers, mentoring and stimulating scientists to innovate and excel.

His expertise benefits companies developing new embedded system products that require advanced team leadership, creative thinking, and inspired small teams that innovate and deliver.

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